Bingo at St. Thomas the Apostle

All Bingo proceeds support St. Thomas the Apostle Parish School.


Bingo Prices:
$2 Tues/Thurs/Mid Admission
$3 Fri/Sun Admission

All Bingo Days:
$10 Special Books
$1 Single Sheet Specials, EXCEPT $2 Progressive Sheet Special
$2 6 Board
$4 12 Board


Friday Menu: Meatball parm sandwiches, taco salads, pierogies

Sunday Menu: Roasted pork loin, mashed potatoes and apple sauce, turkey wraps

NOTE: School is now back in session you cannot line up for Friday Bingo until after 6:00pm.
If you can kindly line up at 1:00pm on Sunday due to our Parishioners attending 12:00pm Mass.

Progressive Bingo as of May 23, 2024

Day Time Numbers Amount Powerball
Sunday 5:00pm 55 $3,857.00
Tuesday 11:00am 50 $415.00
Thursday 11:00am 56 $3,014.50
Friday 9:00pm 51 $1,179.00
Midnight 12:00am 51 $574.00 $450.00